GRLA Track

The GRLA boys hit the running track!


The GRLA 2017/18 players completed their first strength & conditioning assessments of the year on 10th September. It was an opportunity for them to obtain their baseline results, giving them further focus & motivation to progress. The lads showed great determination and drive to achieve the best results they could under the supervision and tutelage of GRLA Strength & Conditioning Coach, Juan Jasso. Juan, who is a member of the Mexican Rugby League national team coaching staff for the upcoming Latin American Rugby League Championship hosted by Chile in November, was impressed with the results and. more so, the attitude of the lads; he had this to say about the first testing of the new GRLA year:

‘My Initial thoughts are that those were tested have a lot of potential to increase strength, speed, change direction and to grow within the GRLA programme. There is a lot of room for growth and development which will be interesting to see what they’re testing results are towards the end of next summer. I will work with them one-to-one on sprinting mechanics lifting technique and other areas that they wouldn’t necessarily get back in their home training environment.’

GRLA's Myles spots Tony on the bench press!

GRLA’s Myles spots Tony on the bench press!

Daniel Vesely, of the RLC Dragons Krupka club in the Czech Republic was impressed with Juan, who is also studying an MA Strength & Conditioning at the University of Salford, and stated ‘Juan’s training is good for dynamic and strength. He teach us a perfect technique and a professional approach’. Daniel went on to score:

10m sprint – 1.3 secs

20m sprint – 2.28 secs

40m sprint – 5.26 secs

Vertical Jump – 41.25cm

Bench Press (1 rep max) – 65kg

Squat (1 rep max) – 91kg

Daniel’s compatriot and club mate, Antonin (Tony) Berk scored the following:

10m sprint – 1.34 secs

20m sprint – 2.39 secs

40m sprint – 5.36 secs

Vertical Jump – 44.44cm

Bench Press (1 rep max) – 81kg

Squat (1 rep max) – 94kg

Myles Harrop, the Cumbrian native who hails from predominantly rugby union-dominated Kendal, was also impressed with the testing. He said ‘I thought (the tests) were good and beneficial towards me (and) how I can record my results to see, when I next come to record them, how much I would of improved.’ Myles scored the following results:

10m sprint – 1.22 secs

20m sprint – 2.18 secs

40m sprint – 5.01 secs

Vertical Jump – 47.90cm

Bench Press (1 rep max) – 75kg

Squat (1 rep max) – 98kg

The lads will be tested again in December. We will be hoping for some progression!