Jordan & Jack at Giants

GRLA’s Jordan Gray (left), Luke Robinson (Giants U19’s Head Coach), & GRLA’s Jack Stevenson (right)

GRLA’s Jack Stevenson & Jordan Gray, who both hail from the Aberdeen Warriors RL club and are part of the Scotland U19’s setup, recently spent 2 weeks training with Huddersfield Giants U19’s Academy (between 13th February and 24th February). It was an opportunity for both players to experience the rigors and demands of a full-time Super League academy setup, whilst also allowing for them to showcase their own talents to the Giants coaching staff. Jordan and Jack both seamlessly slotted into the on-pitch and gym training sessions, completing such tasks as the 5 minute run to test fitness, plyometrics gym sessions, and game preparation (as the Giants were preparing for their academy league match opener against St Helens). It proved to be hugely beneficial for them both as they were able to learn new skills and new ways of training within an elite environment. We caught up with both Jack and Jordan to see what they had to say about the experience:

GRLA: What was your experience like at Huddersfield Giants Academy?

Jordan: The experience was really beneficial and I really enjoyed learning in a new environment.
Jack: I really enjoyed the two weeks training with Huddersfield Giants and found it hugely beneficial.
GRLA: How was it different from training at college/amateur level?
Jordan: The training was a lot more intense and technical and I learnt a lot of new things from being there in just the 2 weeks.
Jack: The training was a lot more intense with hardly any dropped balls and players were a lot more motivated compared to amateur/college level.
GRLA: What were the main things you learnt from the other players/coaches?
Jordan: How important knowing your basics and executing them at a high consistent standard.
Jack: I learnt what playing standards are expected of players to be in the academy.
GRLA: How has it impacted on your own rugby league playing ambitions? 
Jordan: It has really motivated me to try and get into an academy as that is the level I want to be playing at.
Jack: Training with Huddersfield Giants has encouraged me to train harder and be more punctual with my rugby training, to achieve my goals.