GRLA Prices:

£50 per month (x12 months) for college education (16-19 years old)
£100 per month (x12 months) for undergraduate university degree (19 years old +)
£150 per month (x12 months) for postgraduate university degree
As part of our GRLA loyalty scheme, all players will sign 12 month GRLA agreements in order to cover costs. Any player who progress from one band to another within GRLA (e.g. college to undergraduate university) will remain on their original monthly payment and not be required to increase payments.
These costs include assistance with applications & identifying accommodation, identifying local clubs, trial & training opportunities with semi-professional/professional clubs, GRLA training kit, activity costs, and regular education & playing reports.
Please note: GRLA costs DO NOT cover education fees, accommodation costs or living costs. Players need to have adequate funds to complete the course.